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Basic Triggers

Setting up a basic alert

Once you login to Sentinel, you will land on the basic alert creation dashboard.

Sentinel Basic Triggers

You can set alerts on all 90000+ stocks, bonds, commodities, F&O contracts, and currencies across exchanges, based on parameters such as:

  • Last traded Price
  • High, Low, Open and Close price
  • Day Change & Day Change percent
  • Intraday Change & Intraday Change percent
  • Last Traded Quantity
  • Average Trade price
  • Volume Traded
  • Total Buy Quantity (Bids)
  • Total Sell Quantity (Asks)
  • Open Interest
  • Open Interest Day High
  • Open Interest Day low

There is no limit on the number of total triggers, but the number of active triggers should not exceed 200.

Steps to create a basic alert

  • Select any of the above-mentioned attributes/ parameters.
  • Select the security for which you want to set an alert by typing the scrip name in the search field.
  • Select the condition/criteria for alert:

    • Greater Than (>)
    • Greater Than Equal To (>=)
    • Equals (==)
    • Less Than (<)
    • Less Than Equal To (<=)
  • Choose if the attribute & criteria for the alert has to be based on a preset value decided by you or an attribute/parameter of another instrument (by clicking on either ‘Value’ or ‘Stock’)

Sentinel Compare value stock

Get real-time info of the instrument

Once you enter a trading symbol, you can hover over the info icon next to instrument input field to get real-time market information of the instrument

Setting an alert on Sentinel from Zerodha Kite

You can set price alerts by accessing the Sentinel widget on Kite.

Add the Scrip for which you want price alerts to your Kite market watch. Once you do, move your cursor on the scrip and click on the More option on the scrip. From the drop-down, select Set Alert

Sentinel Kite widget

Once you do, you will be redirected to the basic alert creation dashboard on Sentinel where you can continue creating the trigger and save it.

The trading symbol for the scrip you want can be found on Kite, NSE & BSE website. For Alerts on indices, type ‘indices or index’