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Example Scenarios

Example Scenarios

Here are some examples of how the triggers can be used:

Creating an SIP alert

LastTradedPrice('NSE:INFY') > 0 && Day()==10 && Hour()==14

The triggers can be set to alert only on certain time intervals with date conditions. The following trigger evaluates to True if the LastTradedPrice of INFY is above 0 and the day of month is 10th and time is 14:00:00 (2PM).

Placing an alert to BUY a CALL Option when the underlying security moves. For example, BUY when RELIANCE moves up and the option is still priced lower.

LastTradedPrice('NSE:RELIANCE') >= 921.50 && LastTradedPrice('NFO:RELIANCE18MAY920CE') <= 14 && OpenInterest('NFO:RELIANCE18MAY920CE') <= 650000

Placing an alert for a breakout in a scrip. For example, get an alert when LTP of ITC crosses above the day's high.

LastTradedPrice('NSE:ITC') > HighPrice('NSE:ITC')

Placing an alert for a Breakdown in a script. For example, get an alert when LTP of ITC crosses below the day's low.

LastTradedPrice('NSE:ITC') < LowPrice('NSE:ITC')

Placing an alert for a Bullish move in a stock. For example, get an alert when INFY is above 3% & Volume or Open Interest is higher than other stock in same sector:

DayChangePercent('NSE:INFY') > 3% && VolumeTraded('NSE:INFY') > VolumeTraded('NSE:TCS') || OpenInterest('NFO:INFY18MAYFUT') > OpenInterest('NFO:TCS18MAYFUT')

Placing an alert comparing prices in different exchange for arbitrage opportunities. For example get an alert when LTP of INFY in NSE is higher than LTP in BSE.

LastTradedPrice('NSE:INFY')> LastTradedPrice('BSE:INFY')

These are just a few examples to get you started. There are endless combinations of the triggers you can create with different functions and operators. Start creating triggers now